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We are  Vinyl Record Music Specialists stocking the best vinyl records that we can source in Australia and from around the world.

Records Store Day Vinyl can be found here https://www.mataurecords.com.au/record-store-day/

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Why Vinyl? We just love it! As well as physically owning your favourite music there's nothing quite like sitting down listening to a vinyl LP, reading the liner notes and looking at the Album art work. And yes we like having to get up and flip an LP to the B side or flipping through a crate of 7" singles to choose the next song we want to play -  vinyl makes the music tactile!

Welcome to our site if you have any questions or can't find what you are looking for please email us at help@mataurecords.com.au

We provide flat rate postage for shipping all vinyl in Australia, so fill you boots and grab as many vinyl LP's as you like! We have now reduced our flat rate postage to $12 to any location in Australia so you can purchase as much vinyl as you like from our online record store and never pay more than $12 to get your vinyl!

Enjoy the Vinyl! Cheers Matau Records

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