Matau Records Vinyl Record of the day – "Poison" by The Prodigy

Date Posted:20 November 2015 

Matau Records Vinyl Tune of the Day "Poison" by The Prodigy


"Poison" was The Prodigy's fourth single from their second album "Music for the Jilted Generation". It was released as a 12" single on XL Recordings in March 1995, and Maxim Reality provides the vocals.

Music for the Jilted Generation is the second studio album by English electronic dance music band The Prodigy. The album was released on Vinyl on the XL Recordings Record Label in July 1994. Click Here to view this vinyl LP in Matau Records music store.

The Prodigy are an English electronic music group formed by Liam Howlett in 1990. The original memebers were Liam Howlett (keyboardist and composer), Keith Flint (dancer and vocalist), Maxim (MC and vocalist), and Leeroy Thornhill (dancer and occasional live keyboardist).

The Prodigy have produced music in a variety of music styles ranging from rave, hardcore techno, industrial, jungle and breakbeat with their first two albums to big beat and electronic rock and punk with later releases. The Prodigy first emerged on the underground rave scene in the early 1990s and after inital success in the UK with their first album "Experience" achieved global success.


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