Matau Records Vinyl Record of the day – "With My Own Bare Hands" by Ween

Date Posted:5 December 2015 

Matau Records Vinyl Tune of the Day - "With My Own Bare Hands" by Ween

Ween was an American experimental rock band formed in 1984 by Aaron Freeman (Gene Ween) and Mickey Melchiondo (Dean Ween). They have released 11 studio albums of which La Cucaracha is the final album released in 2007 five years before their split in 2012 by the alternative rock band Ween.

La Cucaracha was released on October 23 and is a fantastic album with other songs of note including With "My Own Bare Hands", “Your Party” and “The Fruit Man”. You can buy La Cucaracha from Matau Records vinyl store Click Here.

This is a Live version from 2007 in New York to promote the release of "La Cucaracha".

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