Matau Records Top Ten Covers on Vinyl

Here's a list of Matau Records Top Ten Cover songs (in no particular order). In picking the list we've tried to choose cover songs that were very different to the original. Give us your feedback or suggestions for others to add to this list!



Cover Version

No.1 - 'In a Manner of Speaking'

Tuxedomoon is an American experimental electronic band formed in the late 70’s. They released ‘In A Manner of Speaking’ in 1985 on their 4th studio Album Holy Wars. They still tour and release new music.


It seemed appropriate to start the list with a band that just does covers! Nouvelle Vague is a French Group formed in 2003. They cover other artists songs in a Bossa Nova style. They released In a Manner of Speaking in 2004 on their debut self-titled LP.



No.2 - 'Hurt'

In his later years Johnny Cash covered a lot of different artists songs, and in 2003 he covered this Nine Inch Nails song. His amazing reinterpretation has resulting in most people thinking Cash sung the original.

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Written by Trent Reznor and released in 1994 by Nine Inch Nails an American heavy rock band.



No.3 - 'Mad World'

Tears for Fears released this song in 1983 and it was a massive hit in the UK, I remember it seemed to always be on Top of the Pops (a British TV show)


This cover by Gary Jules featured in the movie Donnie Darko in 2001. I’m not sure if it was specifically created for this movie or not but it’s a great cover and the movie is awesome as well!



No.4 - 'Where is My Mind'

From the Pixies album Surfer Rosa released in 1988, apparently its about Scuba Diving!

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Maxence Cyrin is a French pianist. He has created piano compositions of lots of popular artists from Massive Attack to Depeche Mode. I stumbled across him as his album was produced by a member of Nouvelle Vague, and love this cover of the Pixies.



No.5 - 'Jolene'

Probably Dolly Parton’s most famous song released in 1973


I love it when a song is completely reinterpreted by a band you wouldn’t expect. The White Stripes only released their live version recorded in Blackpool

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No.6 - 'Seventh Nation Army'

The White Stripes famous riff for Seventh Nation Army was apparently conceived by Jack White during a sound check for the Big Day Out in Australia.

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Here Nostalgia 77 give The White Stripes a completely different spin to probably the most famous White Stripes song



No.7 - 'Hells Bells'

Recorded by AC/DC in 1979 this was from their first Album with their new singer Brian Johnson following the death of Bon Scott.

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The Dandy Warhols covered AC/DC and released this song for their Australian version of their second LP in 2000



No.8 - 'Fixing a Hole'

Recorded in 1967 from The Beatles album Sgt Pepper.

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 Easy Star All-Stars Reggae version of the Beatles, is it sacrilege to say I prefer it?



No.9 - 'Sweet Jane'

Recorded in 1969, the Velvet Underground\Lou Reed have released at least four versions of their own song.

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The Cowboy Junkies are a Canadian alternative folk\country band. They make Lou Reed’s laid-back original even more laid back!



No.10 - 'Cars'

Gary Numan’s first song released under his own name instead of the Tubeway Army. Technical I think it was released in 1979 but it makes me think of the 80’s


Katzenjammers Steel drum instrumental of an 80’s classic , need I say more?


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